About Us

Our Story

Years ago, Andy had a friend that suffered from recurring outbreaks of shingles. He shared that using topical lavender oil on the irritated skin gave him significant, but very brief, relief from the pain. This knowledge got Professor Andy’s attention, and the compassionate chemistry nerd said, “Well, we can do better than that.”

With a firm belief in nutrition-over-medication, Andy set forth to create a skin-healing gel made of wholesome nutrients and natural lavender oil. He spent the next decade studying and stirring his cauldron with the help of colleagues, his wife Linda, and the occasional grad student. As the gel was being perfected, Andy would give out samples for people to try and offer him feedback on. Andy’s friend with shingles was amazed to see that instead of a few minutes of relief, he found several hours of it!

One day, while Andy was visiting the family vet, Dr. Karen Stone, he told her about his creation, which he’d named Lavengel®. She asked if she could try some on the dogs that came into her practice. With a background in human and animal nutrition (and natural curiosity), Andy knew that his gel was safe, so he obliged. Needless to say, Lavengel® astonished again, showing potency against a host of skin issues in dogs. Even now, as it continues to be researched, Andy’s gel is raising eyebrows. It is our hope that Lavengel® makes the world a better, less painful (and itchy) place one friend at a time.

Andy, Invents Lavengel for Hotspots, Rashes, and Skin Allergies in Dogs
We Believe All Creatures are Made by God

We Believe

Friendships are important, whether those friends have skin, fur, feathers, or scales. We believe that friends take care of friends, and that skin health directly impacts our quality of life. Our philosophy is that prescription medication isn’t the only option, and that natural products have a place in healing. What we have is a wholesome creation with the ability to help soothe the skin woes of our amigos. Excellence takes time, and thus we have spent the past ten years striving to offer the best possible solution to a world full of friends.

“All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small; All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.” Cecil Frances Alexander, 1818 - 1895

  • We believe that God is the Great Physician.
  • We believe in loving and helping others.
  • We believe in being good stewards of our environment.
  • We believe in the priceless value of good health.
  • We believe in healing through nutrition.
  • We believe that animal/human bonds are enriching and healing.
  • We believe that friendships should be nourished and cultivated.
  • We believe in research that is science-driven.
  • We believe in giving back.

Meet the Team

Andy Clark

Inventor/Science Nerd

A biochemist and lifelong lab rat, Andy has spent decades among the beakers and scopes, striving to improve mankind at the molecular level.

Linda Clark

The Boss

A former microbiologist, Linda is a founder and CEO of the company. She also serves as the primary test subject for any of her husband’s concoctions.

Partie Artie

Event Organizer

Hardly tardy for any party, Artie is known for his adept planning abilities, especially regarding starting hearty social gatherings and company events.

Justin Dickenson

Utility Player

A meticulous web developer and marketing mage, Justin has done work for firms of all forms. He serves as our CMO and resident jump-rope champ.

Miss Molly

Resident Diva

A mutt with a strut, Miss Molly makes management more modish. She endeavors to ensure that every effort is emphatically elegant and efficacious.

Zack Wright

Unsuspecting Intern

A beefy, boldly-bearded designer in swaddling flannel, Zack brings fresh illustrations, catchy copy, and dank tacos to Lavengel's round table.

Giving Back

Whether it’s for-profit or not, helping others requires a lot of help. Thankfully, we have a growing list of allies that share our values of loving others, cultivating healthy relationships, and of course, taking care of doggos. We are grateful to our partners—our friends—for their support and the work that they do, and we always look forward to meeting more of them.