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Lavengel® is a patented, nutrition-based gel that soothes irritated skin affected by hotspots, rashes, cuts, Staph infections, bug bites, burns, eczema, and more. It is chemical and preservative-free (i.e. safe for dogs to lick), made in the USA, and comes in a handy, take-everywhere-sized tube.

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Treat Hotspots and Rashes in Dogs

Soothes on Contact

Made with natural lavender oil, Lavengel® works to quickly soothe the itch, sting, and burn from a variety of skin issues.


Long-Lasting Relief from Hotspots and Rashes

Gives Lasting Relief

A thin film of gel applied a couple times daily is all that’s needed to start the mending process and offer hours of considerable relief.


Helps Create a Healing Environment

Supports Skin Health

Lavengel’s ingredients help to form a healing environment that not only speeds the mending, but decreases scarring.


We believe that true wellness comes through good nutrition, not medication. That’s why Lavengel® is free from any harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or preservatives.

Natural Lavender Essential Oil Calms Skin Irritation

Lavender Oil

Our organic lavender oil is water-solubilized to better absorb into the affected skin and swiftly calm the irritation.

Vitamin E-TPGS Assists Skin Health

Vitamin E-TPGS

This form of vitamin E evenly distributes the water across the wound surface, promoting healing and reducing the formation of scar tissue.

Safe, Nutritional Ingredients

Essential Nutrients

Vitamin C palmitate and zinc aspartate fight off free radicals that slow recovery and provide the building blocks for skin-repairing collagen.

Lavengel Relieves Hotspots & Rashes in Dogs


Great things come from good science, and good science takes patient, diligent research. Lavengel® was mixed and mastered with a focus on smart nutrition and meticulous investigation. It's the product of over 10 years of work, study, testing, and getting home late.

"Lab results consistently show that it is effective against a surprising variety of skin-affecting pathogens, even some known to be deadly."

Faithful collaboration is another foundation of good science. Lavengel® has spent time under the eyes and scopes of professionals from East Tennessee State University. Lab results consistently show that it is effective against a surprising variety of skin-affecting pathogens, even some known to be deadly. Because of this, it continues to be studied and will be for years to come.


32 reviews for Lavengel

  1. Stephen N.

    My dog, Buddy, was bitten by a Brown Recluse spider and developed a deep hole in his body. The vet at Robinson Animal Hospital in our town didn’t hold out much hope for his survival and said there was no cure. We used Lavengel at the suggestion of Dr. Clark and within a couple of days, the wound started to heal! Within two weeks, the wound was healed and Buddy was back to his wonderful little self. You have created a great product, and I hope you market strongly to veterinarians. Thank you for saving our dog.

  2. John B.

    Where steroids from the dermatologist required 2-3 weeks to see any results, the use of Lavengel dried up my eczema and reduced my swelling in about a week. In addition, my eczema would return when using a steroid cream, but after a couple of outbreaks that were treated with Lavengel, my problems are completely gone!

  3. Steve R.

    I was skeptical at first, but after a round of antibiotics hadn’t eliminated her rash, I figured I’d give it a shot. Not only did I see visible improvement in a matter of days, but it saved unnecessary (and costly) follow up visits to the vet. Now I keep a stash on hand for my water-loving Golden!

  4. Linda L.

    I have fibromyalgia, and with flares come fever blisters and burning nerve pain on my cheeks. OTC ointments did nothing to either stop or reduce these episodes. My daughter met Dr. Clark, and I was introduced to Lavengel. It is a game changer for me. As soon as symptoms start, I apply small amounts of Lavengel to the affected areas. It soothes the nerve endings and begins decreasing fever blister symptoms. What would have been 7-10 days of healing is reduced to 2-4 days.

  5. Tommi T.

    Lavengel is a must-have in my first-aid kit. I applied this gel to a severe cut on my dog’s paw, and it significantly healed up by the next day. It has also cleared up any skin issues she’s had due to allergies within a day or two. My family and I refer to it as the “Miracle Gel.” It works great on burns too! Lavengel is my product choice for everything! I absolutely love it! Thank you!

  6. Britta B.

    I used Lavengel on a cow parsnip rash. It helped stop the itch, and it healed the rash much faster than usual (a couple of days rather than 7-10 days). I also did not get the scar that is usually left behind. I also use it regularly on cuts and scrapes, and feel that it helps the skin heal and not scar. I have also used it on bug bites, and find that it helps mosquito bites, but not fly bites.

  7. Kelli M.

    When we adopted Samson, he had a hotspot that, when mixed with anxious scratching, quickly covered his entire back. He was very hesitant to let us touch him with anything when we first got him, but eventually, he learned the Lavengel bottle and would allow us to put it on him. After applying Lavengel for approximately 2 weeks, his wounds were almost completely healed. His back is looking so much better!

  8. John M.

    My youngest, Wyatt, was having eczema-like sores on his fingers. We had tried ointments that the dermatologist had given us. They provided some relief, but it was not lasting and they started to become less effective. My wife and I decided to get some Lavengel and give it a try. It worked great! Wyatt was getting much more relief and the sores started clearing up. He says it is much better than the other ointments we were using before.

  9. Pauline C.


  10. Chad C.

    I am thrilled with Lavengel. My family has used it on scrapes, cuts, wounds, bug bites, burns, and even ringworm, and the gel has helped tremendously with healing and increasing the re-granulation of tissue and decreasing itching and pain. Thank you very much for this awesome creation of yours. It works great!

  11. Ron B.

    Zoe is our Yorkshire Terrier. We have owned her since she was a puppy, and she has suffered from itchy, dry skin and hair loss in patches since she was 3 years old. We regularly take her to the vet and had tried several different prescribed treatments over the years including shots, antibiotics, special shampoos, diets, and various creams. We started applying Lavengel to her hotspots, and we were amazed by the results. Within a day, she was much less itchy and swollen. Her hair started to grow back, and her itch seems to be completely gone. I have been applying the gel just once a day. She hasn’t looked or felt this good in years!

  12. Suzanne K.

    Pokie, my 14 year-old rescued mixed Cocker + ?, came down with a skin problem and my Vet could not figure out its cause. Since she has been on flea medication, I thought it must be something else. Then I read online the problems that some have been having with Nexgard and my other dog also has a problem with itching when she takes it. Pokie has been on a couple of prescriptions to stop the itching and licking. I also gave a medicated bath 2 times and the Lavengel 2-3 times a day (love the smell). At first fur was coming off in clumps and her skin was red and inflamed. Now, the skin is returning to normal and fur is starting to grow again!

  13. Zelma P.

    I was given a prescription for anti-viral medicine, along with Calmoseptine to put on my blisters from my family doctor. The Calmoseptine was no help, and it was hard to get off my skin (blisters). I started using Lavengel 6/15. The blisters first appeared 6/1. After starting to use Lavengel, I got more relief from pain and itching and dryness. I’m still using it twice a day. My blisters are dried and the scabs are gone now. But, I’m still using it on the scars that still have a tendency to itch.

  14. D. Reese

    After Red Light treatment for keratosis I applied Lavengel and found immediate relief from irritated skin spots.

  15. Jamie C.

    My pup Hambone suffers with patches of dry skin on his belly that get worse in winter. They bother him so much he scratches and licks the spots until he’s sore. (The itching drives my husband and I crazy at night!) We’ve tried other ointments and natural products that claim to soothe, but nothing worked great. After a week of using Lavengel, we notice that Hambone scratches much less; and his spots aren’t as red. He also seems to be more at ease at night now, which helps our whole family sleep better.

  16. Hyekyung K.

    My dog has had a bad rash and has been treated with gentamycin spray twice with oral antibiotics but the rash was not getting better. I found out about Lavengel so I ordered it and applied it on my dog. I can see it is getting better, her rash is dried out, there is no more open wound. My dog’s rash is not completely healed yet, but it is not opened and there is no more bleeding. My dog had cancer over her abdomen area and it was surgically removed 1 year ago. I worried this rash may be related to that cancer. I hope it is not. Anyway, Lavengel is very helpful for my dog and I am really thankful. I will definitely be ordering more because it works.

  17. Taylor M.

    My furry friend Albe had a bad heat spot on his back and tail and we’ve been trying for over a year to find something that works. We’re not even a full month of using Lavengel and we’re seeing the best results yet, completely satisfied and thank you for helping Albe.

  18. Donna L.

    I was telling a friend about my Yorkie-Poo’s, Tinker Bella, endless scratching and chewing her feet. I felt so sorry for her; she had raw spots under each of her legs on her belly. I had tried everything: medicated shampoos, creams, vitamins – even very expensive CBD oil – nothing worked! That is until my friend gave me a sample of Lavengel. Tinker’s fur has grown back on her belly and her nails are not bleeding, and she and I can now sleep at night! Donna L.

  19. Noah W.

    I earned a gnarly fluid blister on my left heel while hiking in some old boots. I had some Lavengel on hand, so I applied it that evening and twice per day (morning and night) over the next several days. The pain reduction was phenomenal. The very next day, I applied it before putting on (different) boots and spending the day spreading mulch outdoors with ZERO discomfort. (It really only hurt if you actually pressed on it, and we’re talking a quarter-sized blister, here.) On Day 3, I drained the blister, cleaned it, and applied the gel on the inside, which was pink rather than the normal angry red color. Getting the gel on the inside seemed to speed the process (in my opinion). All the while there was virtually no pain while keeping the gel on it. After a week, the pinkness and threat of pain were gone, and I ceased using the gel. By Day 10, you could hardly tell there had been anything there at all. I’m no stranger to blisters, and I know they don’t go away that quickly or quietly on their own.

  20. Susan M.

    I used Lavengel on a fresh hip surgical scar twice a day for two weeks. My scar is a faint 4 inch white line now. My surgical site was less painful as it healed, too. Lavengel really aids in healing!

  21. Gayle H.

    I had surgery on my neck and it resulted in a pretty nasty incision line. After the appropriate time, I started using Lavengel on the incision twice a day. I am happy to say that after about 3 months the scar is barely noticeable. I love this product! I truly believe I should have had a very bad scar if I had not used Lavengel

  22. Mary M.

    We used Lavengel on radiation dermatitis on my mom after treatment for breast cancer, and she has been peeling and the redness is almost completely gone. Her skin is looking great! I was so worried her skin would be like leather! Lavengel is amazing

  23. Amanda R.

    Lavengel has been a godsend! I have been battling horrific canker sores since the birth of our daughter, 6 years ago. The canker sores have gotten so big – leaving me unable to eat for a week at a time, or having to make an emergency dental appointment to have the sore cauterized. I have tried everything to help minimize the outbreaks – diet change; all natural products; brushing my teeth after every meal; and nothing has helped the severity of the sore, or its duration. That is, until I discovered Lavengel. It not only helps the pain, it also reduces the time I have a canker sore, and how many outbreaks I endure in a month. Because of Lavengel, I am able to eat a lot of food I was unable to eat before! I am finally starting to get my life back!

  24. Pam R.

    I don’t get fever blisters very often but when one erupts, I like to minimize its duration. Since I work with the public, it is nice to find a product that is effective in shortening the life of any fever blister I have. Abreva is a product I have used in the past. It has disappointed me in not living up to its promise of reducing the healing time. But Lavengel delivered as promised! Not only was the duration of my fever blister reduced, the severity of it was minimized!
    It is always exciting to discover a product that helps heal, especially in a natural way that is based on natural ingredients.

  25. Rebecca A.

    Lavengel worked great for my dog after his skin was irritated from a grooming appointment and a vet friend brought me some.

  26. Terry S.

    Lavengel is great. Knowing the product is plant & nutrient based makes me feel safe using it. Working in wood, I am always getting minor cuts on my legs, hands and arms. Lavengel is soothing and heals my wounds in a matter of days. With Lavengel, I no longer have extended redness or infections. It simply heals my skin WITHOUT chemicals!

  27. Joanne T.

    Everyone needs this remarkable product in their home. I first used Lavengel as an anti-itch ointment for my dog’s hot spots. Lavengel topical ointment is much more effective than her oral anti itch meds from the vet, and it’s much better for her. Her affected areas soothed immediately, and Lavengel promotes very speedy healing. I am thrilled at the instant relief that this product provides for her. Lavengel is also a miracle ointment for me, as well. I have used it on small cuts, a burn, and a dry, flaky spot on my skin. The speed at which Lavengel heals is amazing. I will never be without Lavengel for my dog, for myself, and while travelling. Thank you to the creators of this wonderful product!

  28. Cindy C.

    I acquired a rash after trimming an oversized Juniper in our yard, and it has quickly disappeared! I was relieved to be able to wear short sleeves again after only 2 to 3 days. Thanks for the speedy recovery.

  29. Rob C.

    Scars come with surgery, and I knew I would have one to remember following hip replacement. Thanks to your gel, that scar is barely visible, three years later. The scar tissue feels no different from the natural skin that surrounds it.

  30. Judy C.

    About 3 years ago, I had a major fall down a long set of concrete steps. One of my really bad injuries was a diagonal cut into my right thumb. The swelling and bleeding was significant, and I faced the possibility of surgery. After several days, Dr. Clark allowed me to use the gel that he was producing even though it was still in the trial stage. Within a few days, the swelling in my thumb had gone down and a visible healing had begun. I continued to use this product and am very pleased to say that my thumb healed without complications. I am happy to endorse Lavengel without any reservations.

  31. Eric W.

    Lavengel is magic! I have used it on cuts, scrapes, scars, bug bites and cow parsnip. It works great, and I am now hoarding it so I don’t run out! I also gave it to my girlfriend for mosquito bites and it made them go away overnight. I also love how it smells.

  32. Jason B.

    Our dog, Bear, had an open wound on his paw. We put a thin coat of Lavengel on it over a couple of days and it healed up quickly. Great product! I would highly recommend it.

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