Real Stories


Nursing the Wounds

Wounds happen, and we're here to help. Lavengel not only aids in quicker skin repair, but it inhibits the growth of bacteria, reducing the risk of infection - and professionals like Kim are taking notice:

“I am a registered nurse, and I know how to treat wounds. [These] were caused by a prong collar that was accidentally left on by one of my teenagers after a hike in the woods. Three days ago, when treatment began, there was a lot of purulent material, sweeping, and a few puncture would areas (which are especially hard to treat). I haven't used packing or anything like that to treat the wounds. I'm just using lavender shampoo, rinsing, then pulling out debris, and then I dry that off. At that point I then put your gel on; this is the third day of treatment and the wound bed is looking spectacular with no edema, pus, or odor.”

Lavengel Aids Aging Skin

As we get older, our skin grows thinner and more sensitive, and it doesn't recover as quickly as it used to when damaged. This is especially more noticeable for those with a fair complexion, as in Jane's case:

“My dermatologist told me I have two strikes against my skin - being born a redhead and being of a certain age (85+). Dry, thin skin is prone to be itchy. Any time that I scratch an itch, my skin turns a brilliant red and continues to itch! Some dear people gifted me with Lavengel and it has been miraculous. Ordinarily, it would take 10-14 days for the redness and itching to disappear.  With Lavengel, my skin clears up within 3-4 days. I can't sing its praises enough!”


Samson's HUGE Hotspot

Hotspots that don't involve free internet are no fun, especially for dogs (or their owners). Some can be small and treated with relative ease. Others can get worse and worse as the dog scratches and agitates it, spreading like a blight and causing fur loss - like poor Samson here. Thankfully, hotspots fall right into Lavengel's wheelhouse, as Samson's owner Kelli found out:

“When we adopted Samson, he had a hotspot that, when mixed with anxious scratching, quickly covered his entire back. After applying Lavengel for approximately 2 weeks, his wounds were almost completely healed. He was very hesitant to let us touch him with anything when we first got him, but eventually he learned the Lavengel bottle and would allow us to put it on him. His back is looking so much better!”


While Lavengel® shows efficacy in a vast variety of serious skin issues, it also works well with problems as simple as a cut finger. Our friend Shelley was playing with a neighbor's dog when the pup's tooth accidentally scraped her finger and caused a jagged cut (the dog apologized profusely). She tried Lavengel® out to see if, and how well, it would help the healing process, and photographed the progress over several days (note the lack of scar after a month):

"I initially used Lavengel a couple of times a day while the wound was still healing from the inside. My skin surrounding the wound wasn't sore like you would expect. Two weeks later and it's completely healed with no sign of the damage. No scar at all!"



In a case similar to Samson's, Albe had a nagging rash on his back that his owners could not get rid of for quite some time. Here's what his owner Taylor had to say after using Lavengel®:

“[Albe] had a bad heat spot on his back and tail [and] we've been trying for over a year to find something that works. We're not even a full month of using Lavengel and we're seeing the best results yet. The first [photo] was taken December 28, 2020; the second was on January 13, 2021. It has definitely helped out more than anything else we have used, and it is making him look and feel better every day!”

A Burn Healing Experiment

We love a good experiment. After a run-in with a hot pan, Jon conducted his own to test our gel's pain-inhibiting and healing properties. This champion of science describes his process:

"I had 2nd-degree burns everywhere that my hand was in actual contact with the [pan] handle (center of palm, tip of each finger and a small patch on the medial portion of thumb). It was very painful. I acquired Lavengel and applied it for the first time approximately 24 hrs after the initial burn. The first image is right before treating with Lavengel. I applied the gel generously over 2 of the finger tips (#2 and 3, deciding to do my own experiment) and on the burn located on my palm. After applying the gel, I put my hand inside a rubber glove and reapplied every 12 hours for the next 2 days. The pain did not immediately dissipate the first day with the treatment, but was negligible in the treated areas by day 2 (48 hrs post-burn). Pain persisted for ~1 week on untreated fingers. After 60 hrs of treatment (72 hrs post-burn), I switched to only applying once per day and used a band-aid on the fingertip burns and no longer covered the palm for the remainder of the week. After the first week I only applied the Lavengel if the skin was feeling irritated. The second image is 2 weeks post-burn with skin moistened (after a shower)...pretty significant difference!"


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