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Lavengel® was built upon the firm foundation of good science, and good science does not come to be without much meticulousness, patience, perseverance, honesty, and of course, a constant sense of curiosity. The study of Dr. Andy Clark's fragrant gel began in 2010 like any other science experiment: with a question and a hypothesis. Today, the research continues and will prevail into the future.

Student Honors Theses

As a university professor and Associate Dean of Research at East Tennessee State University, Dr. Clark not only conducts his own research on Lavengel®, but allows undergraduate and graduate students to investigate the gel themselves for honors and doctoral theses.

Mara Trinkle, East Tennessee State University; August 2020

Lindsey Vance, East Tennessee State University; May 2018

Bo H. Marshall, East Tennessee State University; May 2017