Skin + Wound Care For Dogs

Made for you and your doggo, our nutritional skin gel tackles hotspots, rashes, itchy skin, Staph infections, cuts, bug bites, blisters, eczema + more - wherever you go.

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Hotspot, Rash, & Skin Treatment for Dogs

Fast-Acting Results


With lavender oil and vitamin E TPGS, Lavengel® soothes the skin on contact, relieving the urge to bite and scratch.
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Nutrition-Based Formula


Made with essential nutrients and plants, Lavengel’s patented formula is free from preservatives and safe to lick.
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Scientifically Proven Product


Lavengel® is the product of over ten years of research and testing, created by nutritional biochemist W. Andrew Clark.
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Karen P. Stone, DVM


$1 of your purchase will be given to Companions for Heroes (C4H), an organization that rescues dogs from shelters and humane societies.

C4H also pairs these rescue-dogs with veterans and military personnel, to help with recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Born from a Heart to Help

Lavengel® began with a desire to help a human friend that suffered from outbreaks of shingles. After almost ten years of studying and testing the nutrition-based gel, it shows efficacy against an extraordinary variety of skin disorders, not only in humans but many animals as well.

Interview with Andy

W. Andrew Clark Ph.D., RD