• Black and white illustration of Dr. Andy Clark, inventor of Lavengel® and AOXaid™

Our Story

Years ago, our founder, biochemist W. Andrew (Andy) Clark, Ph.D., RD, had a friend that suffered from recurring outbreaks of shingles. This friend shared that using topical lavender oil on his irritated skin gave him significant, but very brief, relief from the pain. This got Andy’s attention, and the journey of Lavengel® began.

With a firm belief in nutrition-over-medication, Andy set forth to create a skin-healing gel made of wholesome nutrients and natural lavender oil. He spent the next decade researching and studying his concoction with the help of colleagues, his wife Linda, and the occasional grad student. As the gel was being perfected, Andy sent out samples to friends and acquaintances to try, and the feedback was even better than expected. This same friend with shingles was amazed to see that instead of a few minutes of relief, he found several hours of it!

One day, while Andy was visiting his family vet, Dr. Karen Stone, he told her about this new lavender gel he had created. Hearing that it is made with natural ingredients, she asked if she could try some on the dogs that came into her practice. With a background in human and animal nutrition, Andy knew that his gel was safe, so he obliged. Needless to say, the gel astonished again, showing potency against a host of skin issues in dogs.

Today, after helping thousands of dogs and counting, Lavengel® has been proven to be effective against a growing list of skin issues. It is our hope that Lavengel® makes the world a better, less painful (and itchy) place one friend at a time.

To read the full story, as told by Andy, check out this blog post.

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We Believe

Friendships are important, whether those friends have skin, fur, feathers, or scales. We believe that friends take care of friends, and that skin health directly impacts our quality of life. Our philosophy is that prescription medication isn’t the only option, and that natural products have a place in healing. What we have is a wholesome creation with the ability to help soothe the skin woes of our friends. Excellence takes time, and thus we have spent the past ten years striving to offer the best possible solution to a world full of friends.

  • We believe that God is the Great Physician.
  • We believe in loving and helping others.
  • We believe in healing through nutrition.
  • We believe in research that is science-driven.
  • We believe in being good stewards of our environment.
  • We believe in the priceless value of good health.
  • We believe that animal/human bonds are enriching and healing.
  • We believe that friendships should be nourished and cultivated.
  • We believe in giving back.

Born from a Heart to Help, The Origin of Lavengel

  • Illustration of Andy, inventor of Lavengel and CEO of AOX Biopharma, LLC

    Andy Clark

    A biochemist, professor, and Lavengel’s inventor, Andy has spend decades among the beakers and scopes, striving to improve mankind at the molecular level.

  • Illustration of Elena, AOX Biopharma's Project Manager

    Elena Palmer

    From keeping the books, to managing inventory, to overseeing production, Elena is the talented task master that keeps the gears of Lavengel greased and turning.

  • Illustration of Michelle, marketing coordinator for AOX Biopharma, LLC

    Michelle Wachs

    A marketing magician and proud dog mom, Michelle manages Lavengel’s many modes of outreach, moderating social media, advertising, materials, and more.

  • Illustration of Zack, the dude who drew all of this stuff and built this website

    Zack Wright

    A one-man design studio and wearer of many hats, Zack brings a sharp eye and wit to his fresh illustrations, fun animations, catchy copy, and service to the customers.