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Lavengel - Natural Skin + Wound Care Remedy for Dogs

Lavengel - Natural Skin + Wound Care Remedy for Dogs

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Lavengel® is a safe, antioxidant-rich ointment that quickly soothes irritated skin affected by hotspots, rashes, cuts, infections, bug bites, burns, sores + more. Its patented, concentrated formula is free from preservatives, safe for dogs to lick, made in the USA, and comes in a travel-sized tube - ideal for any dog first-aid kit and use on-the-go.
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What Lavengel® Can Help With

We always recommend consulting with your veterinarian for all of your dog’s serious skin issues and health concerns.

Lavengel® can be applied to a variety of skin issues, including:

• abrasions + scrapes

• acne + pimples (pustules)

• bacterial infections

• bee + wasp stings

• blisters

• burns

• cuts + small wounds

• dry skin spots + paw pads

• flea, tick, and insect bites

• fungal infections

• hotspots

• in-grown hairs

• itchy/irritated ears

• itchy/irritated paws, irritations between toes/paw pads + “frito feet”

• lick granulomas

• post-surgical incision lines

• rashes

• scabs

• small abscesses

• sores

• spider bites

• warts of various types

• wrinkle irritations

As our friend, Dr. Karen Stone, DVM, puts it, "[On] anything that's causing redness, irritation, and is itchy to the dog, we've used it."

How to Apply

Make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying (use a mild soap and water to clean, and gently pat to dry). Apply the gel 2 to 3 times per day to the affected skin area.

Remember, a little bit goes a long way. A teardrop-sized amount will cover an area of about the size of the back of the hand once massaged in. All you need is a thin layer for the gel to work.

Keep your pup distracted for a few minutes so that the gel has a chance to absorb. Once they notice the lack of irritation, they tend to leave it alone. If they lick it off, you'll want to reapply it.

Because Lavengel® has a strong lavender scent when it is first applied, be cautious when using it on or near your dog’s nose. The scent will dissipate quickly.

If Lavengel® is submerged in water for some time, it will dissolve, so you will need to reapply it after the skin has dried.

Ingredients, Specs + Guarantee

Ingredients:  Vitamin E TPGS, Deionized-Distilled Water, Lavender Oil, Vitamin C, Zinc.

Specs:  Size of Box: 3.75" x 1" x 2.13". Weight of Tube: 8g.

Guarantee:  We stand behind Lavengel® with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, your funds will be returned to you via your initial method of payment within 30 days from our receipt of the returned product.

One Purchase Helps Two Lives

For every tube of Lavengel® purchased, we donate to Companions for Heroes® (C4H), a non-profit organization that works to save two lives.

C4H rescues dogs from shelters and humane societies and trains them to become companion or service animals.

Once trained, C4H pairs these dogs - completely free-of-charge - with veterans, active military personnel, and first-responders to aid in their recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other difficult trauma.

C4H also works to raise awareness for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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  • Before and after images of Lavengel healing hotspot on groin of Siberian Husky
  • Before and after images of Lavengel healing redness and infection between toes of English Bulldog
  • Before and after images of infection in burn wound of black dog clearing after Lavengel treatment
  • Before and after images of allergy rash on belly of Pitbull mix clearing after treatment with Lavengel
  • Before and after images of Lavengel mending puncture wounds on dog neck caused by prong collar
  • 5 star rating for Lavengel


    Ordered this to try to keep from taking my dogs to the vet again. Within 3 days it healed my older dog's wound on her toe and my younger dog's hot spot. 10/10 will buy again and would recommend for minor to moderate skin issues on dogs.

  • 5 star rating for Lavengel

    Joanne T.

    Everyone needs this remarkable product in their home. I first used Lavengel as an anti-itch ointment for my dog’s hot spots. Much more effective than her oral meds from the vet. I will never be without Lavengel while traveling!

  • 5 star rating for Lavengel

    Serene S.

    Much less expensive than prescriptions. His spots are healing and this will definitely last. I would recommend this to anyone!

  • 5 star rating for Lavengel


    I’m so happy I found this. My dog has been licking his paws constantly, and they were so irritated. I’ve been using this now for a week and his paws look so much better. It calmed the irritation and promoted fast healing. And it smells good.

  • 5 star rating for Lavengel

    Jason B.

    Our dog, Bear, had an open wound on his paw. We put a thin coat of Lavengel on it over a couple of days and it healed up quickly. Great product! I would highly recommend it.

  • 5 star rating for Lavengel

    Angel E.

    My dog has a bump that she constantly would scratch and make it bleed and scab up. Ever since I put this ointment on it she has stopped itching and no more scab. All healed up. Definitely will repeat this purchase.

  • 5 star rating for Lavengel


    I try to use mostly natural products on my dogs and was looking for a nice oil/moisturizer for my dogs dry ears. This Lavengel has been a nice addition to our routine. A little dab will do, so start small and it will go a long way.

  • 5 star rating for Lavengel

    Emma L.

    I absolutely love my lavengel!! Not only do I use it for my dogs hotspots, itches, and bug bites; I use it on myself and my family! The smell is soothing in itself and has a very good moisturizing quality! I recommend it to everyone!

Canine First Aid, Naturally

The idea behind Lavengel® is simple. Use nutrients and natural ingredients that the body can recognize to promote better skin healing.

Our 5 ingredients work together to stop irritation, keep the affected area hydrated, prevent bacteria from causing infection, deter free radicals from slowing the process, and provide the building blocks for new skin.

Plus, our formula is highly concentrated, so a dot on the spot is all you need.

Five Simple Ingredients

We believe that true wellness comes through good nutrition, not medication. That’s why Lavengel® is free from any harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or preservatives.

  • Lavender oil icon

    Lavender Oil

    Our organic lavender oil is water-solubilized to absorb quickly and calm skin irritations within seconds.

  • Vitamin E TPGS icon

    Vitamin E TPGS

    This unique form of Vitamin E enhances the absorption of all ingredients, improving hydration and heal time.

  • Zinc

    Essential for skin repair and immune support, zinc fights free radicals + aids in forming skin-mending collagen.

  • Vitamin C icon

    Vitamin C

    A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C palmitate works with the zinc to combat free radicals + enhance skin repair.

  • Purified water icon

    Purified Water

    Deionized-distilled water holds its fellow ingredients together in a concentrated gel that’s similar to honey.

Two black Labrador Retriever service dogs sitting in grass wearing vests and red Companions for Heroes bandannas

We Give to Help Rescue Dogs + Heroes

For every tube of Lavengel® sold, we donate to Companions for Heroes® (C4H), a non-profit organization that rescues dogs that might otherwise be euthanized.

C4H trains these rescue-dogs to be companion or service dogs, then pairs them - completely free-of-charge - with military personnel, veterans, and first-responders recovering from PTSD and other difficult trauma.

C4H also works to raise awareness for animal rescue, PTSD, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Customer Reviews

Based on 107 reviews
Sam I.
What breed is your dog?: Siberian Husky
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: itchy sores, seasonal allergy rash
Works Like Magic!

I was desperate to find a ointment to help treat/manage my Siberian Huskies itchy sores he develops from seasonal allergies. I really didn't want to go back to steroids from the vet. I saw this stuff on Amazon when I searched for antimicrobial cream for dogs.

This is the only product I could find that contained no crazy chemicals or additives. It is just simple Lavender, vitamins, and zinc. Also the only ointment I could find without scary reviews about dogs getting worse due to adverse reactions.
So those two reasons along. Drove me to purchase a tube and see how it would work on my sweet boy.

It took about 5 days of applying the ointment 3 times a day. But his chin (where he was really broken out) is now nearly completely healed. He no longer rubs his chin or face.

Oh and the best part. The ointment really seems to sooth on contact. I can literally feel him relax into it when I apply it to his chin. Which is a big deal. So many other dog skin products contact strong almost burning menthol additives to their product. And that stuff drives my dog. He will try to rub off overly strong/irritating medicine.

But after I apply Lavengel. He simply relaxes and leaves his medicated area alone.

I plan to ALWAYS keep Lavengel in my medicine cabinet for my dogs. To help us get through itchy allergy season. And just in case anyone ends up with a wound that needs treating.

What breed is your dog?: Chocolate Lab
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: plaque psoriasis, itching
Lavengel is FANTASTIC!!

FANTASTIC find!!! My 11yr old chocolate lab has been suffering from plaque psoriasis secondary to an autoimmune condition which took 5 months and 4 vets to diagnose. She has had little to no relief from the itching until now. I can't thank you enough. I only wish it came in a larger tube. With nine large spots to treat, I'm going through the small tube quickly.

Natalie O.
What breed is your dog?: Labrador American bulldog mix (bulladore)
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: wasp sting, sores, infection
Thank You So Much for This Awesome Natural Product!

The Lavengel ointment has been a serious lifesaver for my dear dog, Bentley. He is a 'bulladore' (a mix of Lab and American Bulldog). As such, he has a white coat with a pink belly and lot's of freckles. He's quite adorable! One month ago, he was stung by a wasp under his arm. We only discovered the sting because he started scratching the area and it started to bleed, and then his under arm became quite raw and soon after, the open sores from scratching, became little bumps that got infected. The vet wanted to put him on antibiotics and a series of other treatments, but we decided to try the Lavengel first, and if it was ineffective, then we'd go with the vet's treatment recommendations. I'm happy to report that after just three weeks of twice-daily application of the Lavengel ointment, his underarm has cleared up, and is almost healed completely. Some of the bumps were bigger than pea size, but the gel reduced them to almost nothing within several days. I highly recommend Lavengel. BTW, I never did take Bentley back to the vet for further treatment. Thank you so much, Lavengel, for such an effective, cutting-edge, natural healing alternative for all things bites, scratches, abrasions, and assorted other skin irritations!


We love Lavengel! It soothes and stops my dog from excessive licking on hotspots.


Lavengel is the best

What breed is your dog?: n/a
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: n/a
Recommended by a veterinarian

Great stuff