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Sam I.
What breed is your dog?: Siberian Husky
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: itchy sores, seasonal allergy rash
Works Like Magic!

"I was desperate to find a ointment to help treat/manage my Siberian Huskies itchy sores he develops from seasonal allergies. I really didn't want to go back to steroids from the vet. I saw this stuff on Amazon when I searched for antimicrobial cream for dogs.

This is the only product I could find that contained no crazy chemicals or additives. It is just simple Lavender, vitamins, and zinc. Also the only ointment I could find without scary reviews about dogs getting worse due to adverse reactions.

So those two reasons along. Drove me to purchase a tube and see how it would work on my sweet boy.

It took about 5 days of applying the ointment 3× a day. But his chin (where he was really broken out) is now nearly completely healed. He no longer rubs his chin or face.

Oh and the best part. The ointment really seems to sooth on contact. I can literally feel him relax into it when I apply it to his chin. Which is a big deal. So many other dog skin products contact strong almost burning menthol additives to their product. And that stuff drives my dog. He will try to rub off overly strong/irritating medicine.

But after I apply Lavengel. He simply relaxes and leaves his medicated area alone.

I plan to ALWAYS keep Lavengel in my medicine cabinet for my dogs. To help us get through itchy allergy season. And just in case anyone ends up with a wound that needs treating."

What breed is your dog?: n/a
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: sensitive skin, scabs
Wish I Could Give 10 Stars!

"My dog has HORRIBLE skin. Many growths that docs say are probably benign but scabs that would NEVER go away in her neck/chest area and under her arms. I've seen countless docs and been prescribed countless shampoos from Sulfur 8 to prescription shampoos. No beef or chicken. Now shes eating prescription alligator by Blue Buffalo. NOTHING got rid of the scabs. I used this stuff ONE TIME and I could see the scabs coming off and her skin healing. After a week her skin is 95% healed. If this stuff works for your dog I can't imagine the complaints about the price. I pay almost this much for a meal at Popeyes, and you better not go to Panera Bread or Chick Fil-a or Sardi's. Not sure if I need to continue to use this after she's all healed up but we'll definite ALWAYS have this on hand."

What breed is your dog?: Chocolate Lab
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: plaque psoriasis, itching
Lavengel is FANTASTIC!!

"FANTASTIC find!!! My 11yr old chocolate lab has been suffering from plaque psoriasis secondary to an autoimmune condition which took 5 months and 4 vets to diagnose. She has had little to no relief from the itching until now. I can’t thank you enough. I only wish it came in a larger tube. With nine large spots to treat, I’m going through the small tube quickly.

Michelle G.
What breed is your dog?: English Bulldog
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: skin rashes, fur loss, allergies
Customers for LIFE!

"My rescue English Bulldog, Walter, is the love of my life, but given his breed in general and then very irresponsible breeding on top of that, he has many, many health issues, including allergies to many types of food and various environments. His allergy-related flare-ups always result in skin rashes, loss of fur, and dermatitis. While the vet prescribes him antibiotics to help, he is still very uncomfortable with the rashes, and his fur often takes very long to grow back. We gave lavengel a shot because we figured we had nothing to lose, and we were truly AMAZED. The lavender seemed to have soothed his discomfort, and unexpectedly but amazingly helped his patches of missing fur grow back in literally a week. We are loyal customers forever!"

What breed is your dog?: multiple breeds
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: hotspot, wound on toe
Healed my dogs wounds quickly

"Ordered this to try to keep from taking my dogs to the vet again. Within three days it healed my older dogs wound on her toe and my younger dogs hot spot. Pleased with the smell and safety for my dogs. I always worry about them licking ointments off. 10/10 will buy again and would recommend for minor to moderate skin issues on dogs. (Always take them to the vet if you’re worried it is serious)"

Pamela R.
What breed is your dog?: Lab
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: pyoderma, itching
Beats other products out there

"A great product. Soothed hot spots and seemed to reduce itching. So much better than all the other products I’ve tried. My lab has chronic pyoderma and this has been what has helped."