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Looking for a natural, fast-acting product to share with your customers? Lavengel® is the new standard in canine skin and wound care for a myriad of skin issues - ideal for first aid kits and stores of all sizes!

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Why Lavengel?

We Support You

Your success is our success. We will put you in direct contact with your own account manager and provide access to our marketing team and materials.

We Are Sustainable + Natural

Now more than ever, pet parents are choosing safe, natural products for their pets. Per SPINS, about 70% of pet owners prefer to buy natural products, and 73% of GenZ and 68% of Millennials are willing to spend more for sustainable products.

We Give Back

Helping others is what we do. For every tube that we sell (even wholesale), we make a donation to help rescue dogs and veterans.

  • Stopwatch icon indicating that Lavengel soothes and heals quickly

    Works Quick

    Swiftly soothes skin irritations

  • Happy dog icon with purple tongue depicting that Lavengel is safe for dogs to lick

    Safe to Lick

    Good for all ages + breeds

  • Nutrient icon illustrating that Lavengel is based on antioxidants


    Made with potent antioxidants

  • Microscope icon indicating that Lavengel is based upon real university research


    Patented, with 12+ years of research

  • Erlenmeyer flask icon with circle and slash implying that Lavengel contains no chemicals or harmful ingredients

    No Preservatives

    No harmful chemicals or nonsense

  • Stethoscope icon depicting that Lavengel is used by veterinarians and other professionals


    Trusted by vets, groomers + more

  • Concentrated

    A Dot on the Spot® is all you need

  • Made in the USA

    Produced at pharmaceutical quality

  • Two Lives Served

    We donate to rescue dogs + heroes

  • Natalie O.

    Lavengel has been a serious lifesaver for my dear dog, Bentley. He was stung by a wasp under his arm, and then his underarm became quite raw and soon after, the opens sores from scratching got infected. The vet wanted to put him on antibiotics, but we decided to try Lavengel first. After just 3 weeks of twice-daily application, his underarm has cleared up, and I never did have to take him back to the vet. Thank you so much, Lavengel!

  • Joanne T.

    Everyone needs this remarkable product in their home. I first used Lavengel as an anti-itch ointment for my dog’s hot spots. It is much more effective than her oral anti itch meds from the vet, and it’s much better for her. Her affected areas soothed immediately, and Lavengel promotes very speedy healing. I am thrilled at the instant relief that this product provides for her. The speed at which it heals is amazing. I will never be without Lavengel for my dog, for myself, and while traveling. Thank you to the creators of this wonderful product!

  • Coty H.

    I bought this for my dog when I realized they had a rash they were itching from a food reaction. I removed the food and began to apply this ointment. It relieved the itch immediately. The next day when I went to apply more, my dog was wagging his tail because he knew relief was coming. The rash is healed. I’ve purchased more so we’re ready with a good product if this happens again.

  • Julie G.

    My dog has had an open little sore between one of her toes for a few days now. I applied this ointment asap when I received it. It's made a difference just in one day. It's no longer red and it's shrinking. It smells nice and it's not toxic. Highly recommend it!

  • Doug B.

    Smells soothing, easy to put on the ears or any spot they itch. Really works well.

  • Pamela R.

    A great product. Soothed hot spots and seemed to reduce itching. So much better than all the other products I’ve tried. My lab has chronic pyoderma and this has been what has helped.

  • Eliana

    My dog had gotten like a really severe hot spot/ allergic reaction to something. Had to trim her hair down and putting this on those hot spot areas did the trick! I started with another product but the smell of it was over whelming. This was better and didn’t smell so strong and menthol like.

  • Sheryl R.

    My dog had scraped her leg on some concrete in the backyard and I bought some ointment at the store to help it start to heal. However, she wouldn't leave it alone and continued to lick it making matters worse. I received my order of Lavengel and after the second day of using it, she pretty much forgot about the scrape and it healed very nicely. I am really satisfied with my purchase and the results. I will make sure I always have a spare tube on hand.