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Lavengel - Powerfully Soothing Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs

Lavengel - Powerfully Soothing Hot Spot Treatment for Dogs

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Provide quick, lasting relief and repair to canine hotspots safely + naturally. Lavengel® has been used by vets on over 1,000 dogs as their go-to, natural, non-toxic treatment for hot spots and other skin irritations. It is highly concentrated (each tube has over 100 doses), stops the irritation and/or pain within seconds, is safe for dogs to lick, USA-made, and comes in a travel-sized tube - ideal for any dog first-aid kit and use on-the-go.

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  • Money-back guarantee icon30-day money-back guarantee
  • Donate per tube sold iconWe donate to help dogs + heroes

How to Apply

Make sure the skin is clean and dry before applying (use a mild soap and water to clean, and gently pat to dry). Apply the gel 2 to 3 times per day to the affected skin area.

Remember, a little bit goes a long way. A teardrop-sized amount will cover an area of about the size of the back of the hand once massaged in. All you need is a thin layer for the gel to work.

Keep your pup distracted for a few minutes so that the gel has a chance to absorb. Once they notice the lack of irritation, they tend to leave it alone. If they lick it off, you'll want to reapply it.

Because Lavengel® has a strong lavender scent when it is first applied, be cautious when using it on or near your dog’s nose. The scent will dissipate quickly.

If Lavengel® is submerged in water for some time, it will dissolve, so you will need to reapply it after the skin has dried.

Ingredients, Specs + Guarantee

Ingredients:  Vitamin E TPGS, Deionized-Distilled Water, Lavender Oil, Vitamin C, Zinc.

Specs:  Size of Box: 3.75" x 1" x 2.13". Weight of Tube: 8g.

Guarantee:  We stand behind Lavengel® with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the product, your funds will be returned to you via your initial method of payment within 30 days from our receipt of the returned product.

One Purchase Helps Two Lives

For every tube of Lavengel® purchased, we donate to Companions for Heroes® (C4H), a non-profit organization that works to save two lives.

C4H rescues dogs from shelters and humane societies and trains them to become companion or service animals.

Once trained, C4H pairs these dogs - completely free-of-charge - with veterans, active military personnel, and first-responders to aid in their recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other difficult trauma.

C4H also works to raise awareness for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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  • Hourglass icon with lavender droplet above depicting that Lavengel works fast with lasting relief

    Fast, Lasting Hotspot Relief

    With natural lavender oil and vitamin E, Lavengel® soothes hotspots and irritated skin fast, relieving the urge to lick and scratch for hours.

  • Paw print icon with leaf in center and lavender plus above indicating Lavengel uses safe, high-quality ingredients

    5 Simple, Safe Ingredients

    Made with 5 simple ingredients, Lavengel’s patented formula is safe to lick and effective in promoting hot spot relief + healing.

  • Atom icon with lavender hexagons indicating that Lavengel is based on molecular nutritional research

    Clinically Proven

    Lavengel® is based on over 14 years of meticulous university research and has been used by vets on thousands of dogs (and counting).

  • 5-star rating for Lavengel for dogs

    Soothed my dog's hot spots immediately

    It helps my Shih Tzu with her hot spots caused by licking and scratching. It seems to start working almost immediately after being applied!

    -- O.R.

  • 5-star rating for Lavengel for dogs

    Healed a hotspot and a paw wound

    Ordered this to try to keep from taking my dogs to the vet again. Within 3 days it healed my older dog's wound on her toe and my younger dog's hot spot. 10/10 will buy again and would recommend.

    -- Megan

  • 5-star rating for Lavengel for dogs

    Better than her oral hot spot meds

    Everyone needs this remarkable product in their home. I first used Lavengel as an anti-itch ointment for my dog’s hot spots - much more effective than her oral meds from the vet. I will never be without it while traveling!

    -- Joanne T.

  • 5-star rating for Lavengel for dogs

    No more hotspot and less itching

    A great product. Soothed hot spots and seemed to reduce itching. So much better than all the other products I’ve tried. My labrador has chronic pyoderma and this has been what has helped.

    -- Pamela R.

  • 5-star rating for Lavengel for dogs

    Cured my dog's hotspot allergy

    My dog had gotten like a really severe hot spot/allergic reaction to something. Had to trim her hair down and putting this on those hot spot areas did the trick!

    -- Eliana

  • 5-star rating for Lavengel for dogs

    That hot spot disappeared fast

    I used Lavengel on a hot spot on our dog and the spot cleared up within a couple of days. This stuff works so well. I keep telling everyone about it.

    -- Melissa P.

  • 5-star rating for Lavengel for dogs

    Keeps us from getting an e-collar

    We love Lavengel! It soothes and stops my dog from excessive licking on hotspots.

    -- Mary D.

Vet Tested, Vet Approved

Several years ago, Dr. Karen Stone, DVM, became the first veterinarian to try Lavengel® on canines, and she hasn’t looked back since. Hear her story for yourself:

"Compared to an OTC product or a lot of other veterinary products, I like it because it works quickly, effectively - and the most important part is, it’s completely non-toxic.

Dogs don't lie. It either works or it doesn't, and this does.”

Hotspot on back left side of head on blonde French Bulldog

What Causes Hotspots on Dogs?

A hotspot (or acute moist dermatitis) is a raw, red, and inflamed patch of skin caused by a dog’s repetitive scratching, rubbing, and chewing at itchy skin.

Hotspots are commonly found on the head, neck, hips, paws, and tail. The initial irritation can come from fleas, moisture, allergies, or rubbing by a collar or harness.

Hotspots can occur to any dog, but breeds such as bulldogs, golden retrievers, German Shepherds, labradors, and huskies are more prone to them.

  • Number 1 in a lavender circle

    Gently Clean + Dry

    Carefully clean the area with a mild soap and pat dry with a soft towel. You may need to trim excess fur in or around the area.

  • Number 2 in a lavender circle

    Apply Lavengel

    Lightly massage the ointment onto the area 2-3 times daily. Because it’s concentrated, A Dot on the Spot® is all you need.

  • Number 3 in a lavender circle

    Distract Your Pup

    Use a treat or toy to keep your dog from licking the gel so it can absorb and begin to relieve the itch and discomfort.

  • Closeup photo of raw, red hot spot lesion on groin of Siberian Husky

    Raw, Sore Spot

    Kierra the Siberian Husky had a large red lesion on her groin. Her vet clinic shaved and cleaned the area, then applied Lavengel®.

  • Close-up of  healed hotspot rash on groin of dog at Day 7 of treatment with Lavengel

    Quick Relief + Progress

    The wound responded to treatment within the first few days. At home, the area was cleaned twice daily and Lavengel® applied.

  • Close-up of healed and pink skin with fur regrowth after treatment with Lavengel

    Restored + Fur Regrowth

    Her skin was completely healed within about 2 weeks from the first application, with visible fur regrowth. Her owner was thrilled!

Two black Labrador Retriever service dogs sitting in grass wearing vests and red Companions for Heroes bandannas

We Give to Help Rescue Dogs + Heroes

For every tube of Lavengel® sold, we donate to Companions for Heroes® (C4H), a non-profit organization that rescues dogs that might otherwise be euthanized.

C4H trains these rescue-dogs to be companion or service dogs, then pairs them - completely free-of-charge - with military personnel, veterans, and first-responders recovering from PTSD and other difficult trauma.

C4H also works to raise awareness for animal rescue, PTSD, and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
What breed is your dog?: n/a
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: n/a

Great stuff

What breed is your dog?: n/a
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: rash, wounds

this is the best thing i have ever used for my pet. the scent and texture is great. so easy to use and for sure, it does exactly what it does. calming, soothing, and heals extremely fast. i just wish that it came in larger amount for the price. i know the company is working on this so am excited. i will continue to purchase as it is a great thing to have on hand. i highly-highly recommend this. thank you Lavengel and Amazon for having this available to purchase. i can not thank you enough😘😘😘

What breed is your dog?: n/a
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: hotspot

This worked very well for my dogs hot spot. I would buy again. Tube is very small, I wish it was in a larger tube.

Rebecca A.
What breed is your dog?: n/a
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: n/a

Happy with our purchase

Sam I.
What breed is your dog?: Siberian Husky
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: itchy sores, seasonal allergy rash

I was desperate to find a ointment to help treat/manage my Siberian Huskies itchy sores he develops from seasonal allergies. I really didn't want to go back to steroids from the vet. I saw this stuff on Amazon when I searched for antimicrobial cream for dogs.

This is the only product I could find that contained no crazy chemicals or additives. It is just simple Lavender, vitamins, and zinc. Also the only ointment I could find without scary reviews about dogs getting worse due to adverse reactions.
So those two reasons along. Drove me to purchase a tube and see how it would work on my sweet boy.

It took about 5 days of applying the ointment 3 times a day. But his chin (where he was really broken out) is now nearly completely healed. He no longer rubs his chin or face.

Oh and the best part. The ointment really seems to sooth on contact. I can literally feel him relax into it when I apply it to his chin. Which is a big deal. So many other dog skin products contact strong almost burning menthol additives to their product. And that stuff drives my dog. He will try to rub off overly strong/irritating medicine.

But after I apply Lavengel. He simply relaxes and leaves his medicated area alone.

I plan to ALWAYS keep Lavengel in my medicine cabinet for my dogs. To help us get through itchy allergy season. And just in case anyone ends up with a wound that needs treating.

What breed is your dog?: Shih Tzu
What skin problems did Lavengel help with? You can list more than one.: hotspots, licking, scratching

It helps my Shih Tzu with her hot spots caused by licking and scratching. It seems to start working almost immediately after being applied.